Asbestos Surveys

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Asbestos Surveys

to help locate & plan the careful removal of asbestos

Baileys can help you navigate the rules and regulations of asbestos management to help keep those who work or live in your building safe. Although thought of as a problem of the past, asbestos can be found in buildings built or refurbished before 2000. If asbestos is disturbed by building work or demolition, harmful fibres that damage the lungs could be released into the air.

If you own a building or are responsible for the maintenance & repair of non-domestic premises, you have a legal duty to manage any asbestos inside your building. A survey from Baileys can help you locate and plan the careful removal of asbestos. Call us to arrange a survey.

What do duty holders need to do?

If you are a duty holder of a building you are legally required to:

  • Find out if asbestos is present
  • Keep records of the location and type of asbestos
  • Create, monitor and update a plan of action on how to manage the risk
  • Provide your asbestos records to anyone who might come across it during work on the building

This can all seem like a big task, but Baileys can help you get started by doing a full asbestos survey to locate any hidden asbestos.

What type of asbestos survey do you need?
Management Surveys

Management surveys are required for non-domestic buildings and shared areas of domestic buildings that were built before 2000. During these surveys, samples will be taken from areas of the building where asbestos is known or suspected to be present.

Refurbishment & Demolition Surveys

Previously known as a type 3 survey, this type of survey is essential if any construction work is going to be done to your building. Refurbishment and demolition surveys are more invasive than routine management surveys and allow a detailed picture to be built up.

By taking this careful approach, this minimises the risk of anyone coming to harm from asbestos being disturbed during the building project.

If you are a homeowner, the regulations are less strict but there may still be situations where a survey is needed.

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Is there asbestos in your building?

If you’ve had a survey done, and the result shows that asbestos is present, we can help you carefully plan the management and removal of asbestos from your premises.


More than 30 years of experience in the field, means you can be safe in the knowledge that you are dealing with professionals.


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We are fully insured to carry out surveys and removals in homes and business premises.


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